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We welcome professionals with both medical and non-medical background who agree to follow our code of covenant and have full NMSA licensing, accreditation, and insurance. We believe that the playing field should be level to all those that wish to train in this area, that divides any two providers that are regulated and unregulated within the non-invasive aesthetic field allowing for, first and foremost, entry to be accepted on high standards of safety, adhered to through inspections by protecting the public at all times. Allowing only regulated professionals to enable them to offer services and or trainings. Regardless of if they do or do not have medical knowledge/background but adhere to strict guidelines, have followed thorough training to NMSA standards to place emphasis on complete safety for the patient/client. NMSA believe that if you are passionate about something, you should be able to achieve your goal, live it and reap the rewards and this should come from the democracy of the public to choose. However, there is no compromise for public safety and this is why we offer independent inspection.

The NMSA was established to protect the public and to promote creditable services and accredited trainings to national occupational standards with independent inspection.

The National Medspa Association is an independent international trade association and advocate for non-invasive aesthetic practitioners and training providers. We work alongside the boards of Medicine, Electrology, Cosmetology, Pharmaceuticals, and other regulators such as OSHA & HIPAA and the board of health & safety to ensure members are remaining compliant.

Our rigorous process requires members to uphold the highest professional standards required by OSHA, HIPAA, and the Board of Health & Safety. Our Accredited training providers undergo thorough curriculum evaluations to ensure their students have adequate knowledge to be successful while remaining compliant.

The continued success of the non-invasive aesthetic industry, as well as the growth of consumer demand for non-invasive aesthetic services, is strongly linked to having safe, high-quality aesthetic practices that comply with federal, state, and local laws. Damage to the industry’s reputation occurs every time a patient is harmed, either by poorly trained or improperly supervised individuals, or by media reports demonstrating a lack of understanding of the basic rules governing the provision, delegation, and supervision of non-invasive aesthetic treatments.

The National Medspa Association has prepared a set of guidelines aimed at providing a framework that will serve as the standard by which all non-invasive aesthetic practices will safely operate, irrespective of their state. These guidelines are meant to describe the way a compliant non-invasive spa should operate.


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