Elevate Your Training Program: Gain Accreditation Today!

Are you ready to take your non-invasive aesthetic training program to the next level? As a respected provider in the industry, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality education that not only enriches your students’ skills but also opens doors to their professional success. That’s why we’re reaching out to introduce you to the benefits of accreditation and how it can transform your training offerings.

Accreditation isn’t just a stamp of approval; it’s a testament to the quality and credibility of your program. By gaining accreditation for your courses, you’re demonstrating your commitment to excellence and meeting rigorous standards set forth by industry experts. But what does this mean for you and your students?

  1. Legitimacy and Compliance: In today’s regulatory landscape, the non-invasive aesthetic industry is subject to increasing scrutiny. Without proper accreditation, your students may find themselves at risk of business shutdowns and legal repercussions for operating without the necessary licenses. Accreditation provides the assurance that your program complies with regulatory requirements, ensuring that your students can practice legally and without fear of repercussions.

  2. Professional Recognition: Accreditation elevates your program’s reputation and enhances its credibility within the industry. Our accredited program provides students with a recognized credential that holds weight not only locally but also nationally and internationally. This recognition opens doors to employment opportunities and instills confidence in clients seeking services from graduates of your program.

  3. Comprehensive Coverage: While certifications of completion may suffice for unpaid services, they fall short when it comes to preparing students for the realities of professional practice. Without a license, graduates may be limited in the services they can offer, hindering their ability to thrive in the field. Our accreditation covers a wide range of services, allowing students to legally render paid services to consumers without any restrictions.

  4. Global Opportunities: In an increasingly interconnected world, having an accredited program gives your students a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Our accreditation is recognized not only across all states but also internationally, providing graduates with the flexibility to pursue opportunities anywhere their career takes them.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to differentiate your training program and empower your students for success. Gain accreditation with us today and unlock a world of possibilities for your institution and your graduates.

NMSA Accreditation is a simple, low cost and extremely efficient way to step out of the crowd and show your potential clients & students that you are approved, endorsed and eligible to offer non-invasive aesthetic services and training courses.

Accreditation Keynotes*

Once the initial accreditation application has passed, training providers will have the opportunity to become an approved NMSA Testing Site and become a Verified Training Provider.

When accrediting your course, qualifications or post graduate support training with NMSA you will enter into a relationship with the largest Beauty & Aesthetic community and Insurance provider who currently represent:

  • 18,000 Business Owners, Non-Invasive Aesthetic Practitioners, Therapists, Nail Technicians, Holistic Practitioners, Hair Stylists and Barbers.
  • 1,000 brands, training providers and suppliers
  • Gain more potential students via website views and page counts per month

If you are running private courses in either aesthetics, beauty or holistic treatments that are not recognized by an education board, we have a completed accreditation package to ensure a smooth and simple process for you and your past and future students.

We are only able to insure members to practice treatments that they have been taught under an NMSA accredited training provider or courses that meets NMSA standards.

Having your course Accredited is crucial to give your course the seal of approval and recognition it deserves.