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National Aesthetic Student Financial Aid provides need-based grants to low-income individuals seeking financial assistance to complied secondary educator through an NMSA Approved, Accredited and Licensed Training Provider. 

Eligibility Requirements for applicants

Learning Path

NASFA Grant program is for students interested in pursuing a career in non-invasive aesthetics. This grant focuses on highly motivated individuals who are looking to make an impact in the world of beauty & aesthetics. NASFA Grants are given to students through their NMSA Accredited institution of choice, based on financial needs. These NASFA grants are for lower income students.

Each academic year is awarded $30,000 for programs and projects that benefit the public. This assistance is rooted in the NMSA Constitution and its call to “promote the general Welfare.”

NASFA is independently funded by its community through donations and membership fees. 5% of each NMSA Membership fee covers the cost of grants yearly. Funding is disbursed every 3 months totaling $7500.00 per disbursement. Applicants are randomly selected by the NMSA Board of Directors. Disbursement of grants will be distributed only to Accredited NMSA Training Providers.

Training providers are paid on a 3-month basis. All training providers who wish to obtain funding must have an NMSA Banking Account. Payments will not be disbursed to any other financial institute. NMSA Licensing fees will be deducted from awarded amount. To ensure each student obtains proper licensing at the completion of accredited training. Applicant will be responsible for covering the cost of mandatory courses and testing fees.  

Grants do not have to be repaid by the training provider or student.



Due to the limitation of Grant funding, students can also apply for NASFA student loans. 

All students needing assistance with training or equipment cost can apply. NASFA Loans will require students to paid back the loan with interest. Interest rates start at 3.90-27.90%. The maximum amount that can be borrowed by each applicant per year, in Direct Loans ranges from $500 to $10,000.00 per year, depending on credit worthiness and debt to income ratio. Some options may require a small down payment. Training Cost will be disbursed directly to the NMSA accredited training provider. The remaining funds will be disbursed to applicant. Applicants must obtain a FREE NMSA Banking Account. Funds will not be distributed to any other financial institute. NMSA Licensing fees will be deducted from this cost. Applicant will be responsible for covering the cost of mandatory courses and testing.

NASFA apprenticeship program is an alternative path for non-invasive aesthetic practitioners or aspiring training providers to gain the training needed to pursue licensure. Students work with an NMSA Approved, Accredited and Licensed training provider and receives one-on-one training. Apprentices usually start by observing their sponsor and gradually work into practicing various techniques on real clients. Aside from a training and buying tools, the apprentice can seek employment through the training provider if positions are available for an hourly wage.

Apprenticeships are required to complete 200 clock hours including training hours.

Apprenticeship Benefits:

  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Saving on tuition
  • Tons of hands-on practice
  • Experience in a non-invasive aesthetic environment
  • Potential to make professional connections
  • Gain unique insights and tips from those active in the industry


NMSA Apprenticeship programs also offers Continuous Education opportunities.

Even after receiving your license, we recommend taking continuing education courses before the renewal of licenses. Continuing education helps ensure that practitioners are up to date with industry techniques, laws, safety, and best practices. Even when not required to earn continuing education credits, practitioners may opt to take courses anyway.

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