The NMSA accepts professionals whether from medical, beauty, therapy or aesthetic practitioner backgrounds who adhere to our code of covenant and works within the non-invasive scope of practice. The unity offers public transparency and true representation within the Non-Invasive Aesthetics,  and Beauty industry. We believe that the playing field should be level to all those who wish to service or train in this area, putting aside the dogma that divides any two professions. Allowing for equal opportunities means representing individuals who champion continual professional development. It is important to match the needs of the skill to the training without compromise for standards, professionalism or safety.

  • The NMSA is the only association where members have a yearly independent inspectorate with agreement to adhere to the  audit of non-invasive aesthetic professionals. 
  • To protect the general public with the proper treatment protocol with-in the scope of practice.
  • The NMSA mission is to offer full transparency within the Non-invasive Aesthetics profession by championing a “Charter of Excellence” for training to National Occupational Standards
  • Public safety as number one priority at all levels.

We have created an extensive guideline available here, which helps to illustrate just how in-depth and far reaching our infrastructure extends across the non-invasive aesthetic sector.

We believe that if you are passionate and choose to be represented in the highest professional standards within the non-invasive aesthetics industry you should be able to move forward, reach your goal, achieve it, live it and join others representing excellence within your chosen career path. The NMSA does not discriminate or block individuals who have accreditation and follow key codes of practice set out in our association mission statement. Individuals will be registered on merit, standards, inspectorate outcome and agreement to conform to guidelines set out to protect the public and follow legal and binding protocols. 








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Become a Recognized Leader

NMSA credentials are the marker of a committed professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to manage within the non-invasive aesthetic community.

Gain access to industry secrets

With non-invasive aesthetic consumers spanning across all generations, it’s vital to know what they prioritize, what they want, and how they buy. Our latest research shows when it comes to aesthetics, quality is key. Gain insight into this by joining a community who understands what consumers want and need.

Further your education

Keeping up with the latest industry trends, technology, and education can be overwhelming. Seeking accredited training can also be a hassle. Our community is made of the Top training providers who offers creditable training methods and ongoing support.

Scale your Business

The most profitable businesses are the ones who have taken extra measures to ensure their business is legitimate and supersedes the average. Offering your clients a peace of mind knowing you are creditable opens that gates of financial growth and higher income potential.

Featured Upcoming
Non-invasive aesthetic courses

Level I

Course Length: 8 Hours                                  CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Nika Chilton                          Institute: Body by Niika                        Location: Concord, California                   Email:


Level i

Course Length: 16 Hours                                  CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Kelly Howard                                    Institute: Body Contouring & More LLT          LocationAliso Viejo, California         


Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Maria Brooks                                  Institute: MB Lux  Lounge              LocationLas Vegas, Nevada                     Email:

Level I & ii

Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Anais Larios                              Institute: LA Curves Body Sculpting             Location: Los Angeles, California              Email:

Level I & ii

Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Nichole Scott                   Institute: Perfect Body Aesthetics Studio       Location: South Field, Michigan                    Email:

Level I & ii

Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Nichole Scott                                Institute: Rare Rich Academy                      Location: Pico Rivera, California                Email:


Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Laura Graham                             Institute: Dream Curves Body Sculpting         Location: Upland, California                    Email:


Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Erica Rodriguez                             Institute: Luna Ivy Aesthetics Skin & Body     Location: San Diego, California          


Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Colleen Michelle                             Institute: Silhouettes Sculpting Studio        Location: Hesperia, California                    Email:


Course Length: 16 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor:  Nurse Jaz Jackson                        Institute: Snatched Dollz Body Sculpting       Location: Los Angeles, California          

Level I & II

Course Length: 21 Hours                                    CE Credits: 40 CE.                                              Instructor: Lizbeth Cordero                   Institute:Latinas Beauty Bar Academy          Location: El Monte California                         Email:

Level I & II

Course Length: 16 Hours                    Languages: English & Spanish                        CE Credits: 40 CE.                                         Instructor: Beatriz Sanchez                        Institute: The Silhouette Sculptor LLC   Location: SF Bay Area                                      Email: 

Find a Professional

Don’t train with just anyone. Let us make the introduction. Use our directory to find an endorsed accredited training providers in the field you’re interested in. Or look within a specific geographical area.


The NMSA is the only Global Leader in Non-Invasive Aesthetics who offers Licensing, Accreditation, Grants Program, Community Recognition, and career advancements. Our world class leadership prepares non-invasive aesthetic professionals for the challenges that may occur. Leadership is not a solitary activity, nor is the focus on the leader; rather it is about how leaders treat the people they work with and how they make people feel about themselves and their work ethics. Or industry leaders must demonstrate that they genuinely care about growth of this industry. This is what inspires our members to go above and beyond.

 Leverage your  skills. One of the best ways to stand out in in this industry, even as someone with less work experience, is to develop unique knowledge that makes you a go-to resource. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by joining an organization who recognizes you and provides a platform to synthesize and master industry specific knowledge, trends, and information. It serves as a key contributor to “open access” for students with diverse backgrounds and those seeking ways to improve their earning power, literacy skills and access to higher education.

As the industry is largely unregulated with no single recognised qualification, you have a wide range of options for where you choose to train, but this lack of regulation and ease of accessing this training means that it can be difficult for people to recognise the dangers of unrecognised courses.

Ensuring that your NMSA training courses has been fully accredited by a recognised organisation is a great way for non-invasive aesthetic professionals to further their skills within the sector and make sure that the training meets the required standards. NMSA accredited courses mean that the learning value has been scrutinized to ensure the learning activity has reached an industry standard benchmarks and can be included as part of individual NMSA requirements.


NMSA is completely committed to Equal Opportunities within the Association.  We strongly believe that the playing field is level to all regardless of:

  • sex
  • race
  • disability
  • religion
  • age
  • marital status
  • gender
  • sexuality or sexual orientation
  • Educational background

We ensure that equality of opportunity is dependant on the basis of their suitability to complete the work and this is monitored at all times to ensure and maintain that the policy is being followed.