Streamlining the Licensing Process

Streamlining the process for practitioners involves optimizing and simplifying various aspects of their licensing journey, from completing mandatory courses to navigating the licensing process and receiving ongoing support. This includes:

  • Notarization

    The first step in the licensing process involves gathering and verifying applicants' contact and business information through notarization. This ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the details provided.

  • Mandatory Course

    The second step in the licensing process involves completing a series of mandatory courses designed to equip practitioners with the essential knowledge and skills needed to provide safe and effective services.

  • Business Resources

    To further streamline the licensing process, the NMSA offers a comprehensive set of business resources to assist practitioners in gathering and submitting the necessary documents efficiently.

  • Apply

    Once all required documents are gathered and organized, the next step is to formally apply for your licensure. The NMSA provides comprehensive support to ensure your application process is smooth and efficient.

  • Approval/Denial

    The 5th step is the approval/denial process; applications are reviewed within 5-7 business days, with approval notifications sent for completed submissions, while denials occur only due to missing documentation, which can be resubmitted for reevaluation.

  • Shipment/Delivery

    The final step is shipment; upon approval, the licensing package will be mailed to the address provided on the notarization form, taking 7-10 business days after approval, with shipments made via USPS.

Transitioning Credentials from
Certified to Licensed

Transitioning credentials from certified to licensed is a pivotal step
towards advancing in the field and expanding professional opportunities.

Globally Recognized

Our accreditation is widely respected within the aesthetic industry, ensuring credibility and trust.


Our accreditation promotes ongoing learning and skill enhancement for practitioners.

Rigorous standards

We maintain stringent standards to guarantee excellence and safety in aesthetic practices.


Join a community of professionals who rely on our accreditation for validation and recognition.


Benefits include:

Expanded Career Opportunities
Transitioning from a certified to a licensed status broadens your student’s horizons, unlocking access to a more extensive array of job openings and professional avenues within the dynamic landscape of the aesthetic industry. Whether your students aspire to specialize in specific treatments, venture into management roles, or establish their own practice, holding a license amplifies their potential for career growth and fulfillment.
Enhanced Professional Credibility
Elevating their status from certified to licensed signifies a significant milestone in their journey as aesthetic practitioners. It underscores their commitment to excellence, demonstrating to clients, employers, and colleagues alike that they possess the requisite skills, knowledge, and dedication to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in their practice. With a license, they stand as trusted authorities in their field, commanding respect and admiration for their unwavering commitment to professionalism and client satisfaction.
Increased Earning Potential
Transitioning to a licensed status can translate into tangible financial rewards, as licensed practitioners often enjoy greater earning potential compared to their certified counterparts. With a license, your students not only validate their expertise and proficiency but also position themselves to command higher fees and salaries for their services. Whether they work independently or as part of a team, their licensed status enhances their value proposition, enabling them to negotiate more favorable compensation packages and seize lucrative opportunities within the competitive aesthetic market.
Access to Advanced Training Resources
Acquiring a license opens doors to a wealth of advanced training resources and continuing education opportunities tailored to licensed professionals. From specialized workshops and masterclasses to advanced certification programs and industry conferences, licensed practitioners gain exclusive access to cutting-edge knowledge, techniques, and best practices that empower them to stay ahead of the curve and excel in their respective fields. By investing in ongoing education and skill development, your students can further enhance their expertise, expand their service offerings, and distinguish themselves as leaders in the ever-evolving realm of aesthetics and wellness.
Recognition and Respect in the Industry
Achieving licensed status marks a significant milestone in their professional journey, earning your students recognition and respect within the broader aesthetic community. Whether they’re interacting with fellow practitioners, collaborating with industry partners, or engaging with clients, their license serves as a badge of honor, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity, and ethical practice. As licensed practitioners, they join the ranks of esteemed professionals who uphold the highest standards of excellence, contributing to the positive reputation and credibility of the aesthetic industry as a whole.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your professional standing by becoming an accredited training provider in the industry. Click the link below to determine your eligibility and take the first step toward expanding your influence and expertise in the aesthetic field.