Independent Inspectorate

The National Medspa Association was established  as a result of the lack of professional independent inspections of non-invasive aesthetic practitioners and/or training providers. To ensure that the consumer had choice in the area of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. It was essential that a set standard was met as a minimum requirement and that the introduction of NOS (NMSA Occupational Standard) was critical. This would ensure a fair and equal chance of success for all practitioners and/or training providers offering this type of treatment.

It is time to put an end to the unregulated marketplace where practicing non-invasive aesthetic treatments without proper training or experience is permitted.

NMSA will carry out inspections of the practitioner and/or training provider premises (from where they operate). NMSA is working to seek fit-for-purpose high self-regulation of the non-invasive aesthetic industry, to include all those who are offering this as a non-invasive aesthetic treatment to the public.

NMSA is hoping to eliminate the ‘wandering’ practitioner and/or training provider who goes without inspection and who has no responsibility to the public. The Inspectorate Body will ensure that all inspected practitioners work to a certain standard and criteria and operates from a designated premises. When the public see the NMSA inspected sign they know that the practitioner and/or training provider has met with the inspection requirements. This will include inspection of the premises in line with the recognized Code of Practice which include business operation, quality, cleanliness, and hygiene as well as practical administration of the treatment and overall business practice.

The NMSA is committed to quality, and they are the only Inspectorate Body that are externally audited to the non-invasive aesthetic scope. When non-invasive aesthetic practitioners and/or training providers are inspected by NMSA, the consumer can be assured that their provider of choice has complied with a criteria and standards that meets occupational standards. The NMSA is open to be involved with any standard improvements, and will be working with like-minded organizations to establish a high quality, controlled performance, transparent standards and a level playing ground for all qualified and inspected practitioners and/or training providers of the non-invasive aesthetic industry

The NMSA seeks high level of self-regulation. With expectations that the government may recognize, one national standard for practitioners and/or training providers working in the area of non-invasive aesthetics.