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The inspector will arrive, introduce himself/herself and present an Official Inspector ID. The inspector’s ID contains the inspector’s access code. If you would like to confirm an inspector’s identity, please call our customer service division at 443-733-NMSA. One of our representatives will verify the inspector’s name and access code.

The inspector will ask to speak to the owner or manager. If neither is available, the inspector will notify the person in charge that the inspection will proceed.

The inspection will check for the following items:

  • Current facility license
  • Consumer complaint sign
  • Most recent inspection reports
  • Current operator licenses (with current photo of licensee attached)
  • A list of independent contractors
  • Resellers License for products being sold
  • Mandatory Certifications
  • Occupational Sealed Certification

Health and Sanitation Standards

·         Equipment

·         Tools

·         Workstations

·         Implements cleaned and sanitized before use on each client

·         Wet disinfectants

·         Dry storage areas

·         Towel storage (clean and soiled)

·         Treatment area

·         Single use items being discarded after each use.


Facility Requirements

·         Restrooms (hot and cold running water, clean and in working order, no chemicals stored in restroom)

·         Walls, floors, furniture, and equipment are clean and in good repair in accordance with the sanitation rules

·         An autoclave if providing Oral Services

·         Check that prohibited products are not in use and that no prohibited practices are being performed.


Results of Inspections

After the inspector completes the inspection, the inspector will review the inspection results with the facility owner, manager or representative. The inspector will ask for a signature indicating that the inspection has been completed. The facility owner, manager or representative will receive a copy of the report and any deficiencies that have been explained must be corrected within 10 days.