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Non-Invasive Aesthetic Professionals providing non abrasive services can own and operate a non-invasive aesthetic practice. Non-Invasive aesthetic practices offer services to the patient that doesn’t impose injury to the skin or penetrate below the dermis of the skin. These services are governed by the National Medspa Association.


Individuals who wish to offer invasive services like Botox injections, dermal fillers, acne therapies, hair transplantation, microdermabrasion, and more must be a licensed medical professional overseen by a physician. Furthermore, medical spas practices can provide their patients with medical-grade skincare and weight loss services. These services are governed by the Medical Board of operating state.

Management Services Organizations Can Provide a Solution

If you’re a non-physician who wants to have an ownership interest in a medical spa without breaking the law, what can you do? Entrepreneurs can set up management services organizations (MSO), allowing them to partner with physicians or physician-owned corporations in order to provide “management services” to the medical practice.

An MSO basically acts as a landlord to the medical practice – it charges the physician or physician-owned corporation a fee to operate in its space and maintains the facilities to its liking. Other aspects of the medical spa that the MSO can manage include the following:

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Complete an accredited training

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Our accredited training providers offer students the ability to learn the skills needed to be successful industry leaders. Students will learn from an approve training curriculum that meets the standards of OSHA, HIPAA, and State Regulations for perform non-invasive aesthetic services. Gain the credibility you need and deserve by selecting an NMSA Accredited training provider today.



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Offer Licensed Services

Set yourself apart by obtaining the credentials needed to offer non-invasive aesthetic services. Licensure is an indicator of dedication to integrity, hard work, and creativity, and an assurance that the individual has passed at least a minimum screen of competence. Of course, licensure is just a starting point for professional growth and development, and participation in professional activities is part of the ongoing activities of a true professional.


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