Public Information Act Policy
License Verification


The NMSA License Data Search provides information about Accredited and licensed individuals for those professions and businesses that are regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Individuals seeking licensing information can do so through our user-friendly, self-service NMSA Open Record Center (ORC) License Directory.

Our licensees have agreed to have their information such as business address, license number, phone number, email etc. published in our directory upon signing notarization form.


Name Search:

The search is evaluated using the exact name entered by the user.

The search disregards spaces, capitalization, and all punctuation in the name.

The search does not distinguish between singular and plural versions of the name. For example, if the user enters ‘Red Feather’ and there is a record in the system named ‘Red Feathers’, the record is returned in the results. The converse is also true.


Business Search:

The user is not required to enter business but can also be used to locate licensees.

Only an exact match will result in a record being returned in the search results.

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